Misery loves company

I stood at a cliff, forlorn and emptywherein my strange mind happened to ponderthat life is an unending wait for doomsdaypunctuated by moments of rare chance laughter presented was I in my wild foraychronicled by an unlikely partnerwith eyes the colour of wave-like greyof steely resolve, of the sea beyond her with a child's wonder …

Blackout poetry

Tried blackout poetry for the first time! Blackout poetry didn't really make much sense to me the first time I saw it, but after reading through a bunch, I figured it's a pretty neat way of sneaking in poetry and super clever if done right. So here's my attempt at blackout poetry, compiled off of Murakami.

What I learnt from years of sitting by the sea

Why do we love going to the beach, sitting in the sand for hours, listening to the crashing waves? What is it about the brackish waters that make us forget everything and realise the meaning of 'living in the moment'? Do people who say they can spend their entire lives on the beach really mean it? I don't think so. We feel the calmness of the water because it's a break from the chaos in our lives. We feel the calmness because it's a break from the chaos in our minds. We feel the calmness because we are like hurricanes, like whirlpools, and the waters provide a serene complement to ourselves, despite ourselves.