Misery loves company

I stood at a cliff, forlorn and empty
wherein my strange mind happened to ponder
that life is an unending wait for doomsday
punctuated by moments of rare chance laughter

presented was I in my wild foray
chronicled by an unlikely partner
with eyes the colour of wave-like grey
of steely resolve, of the sea beyond her

with a child’s wonder her smile betrayed
a somber gaze, a pair of squared shoulders
the role of narrator she began to essay
hand gestures at the ready, feet asunder

perhaps amidst your people one day
observe the ones who seem to wander
the restless ones have stories that stay
nothing says intrigue like tales of marauders

in no time will you forget your dismay
your fear of being abandoned, snowed under
put your child-like wonder on display
help yourself make your outlook broader

to think of someone’s life I say
leaves behind a taste quite sonder
without missing a beat she says
absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Decided to write an alternating rhyme today. The poem, in turn, decided to defenestrate (I love this word) the rhythm promptly. Thank you for reading.

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