Blackout poetry

Tried blackout poetry for the first time! Blackout poetry didn't really make much sense to me the first time I saw it, but after reading through a bunch, I figured it's a pretty neat way of sneaking in poetry and super clever if done right. So here's my attempt at blackout poetry, compiled off of Murakami.

What I learnt from years of sitting by the sea

Why do we love going to the beach, sitting in the sand for hours, listening to the crashing waves? What is it about the brackish waters that make us forget everything and realise the meaning of 'living in the moment'? Do people who say they can spend their entire lives on the beach really mean it? I don't think so. We feel the calmness of the water because it's a break from the chaos in our lives. We feel the calmness because it's a break from the chaos in our minds. We feel the calmness because we are like hurricanes, like whirlpools, and the waters provide a serene complement to ourselves, despite ourselves.

A Study in Police Brutality and Democracy

On Friday, the IGTV video of a South India-based singer, Suchitra Karthik Kumar, went viral on social media. The custodial deaths of father-son duo of P. Jayraj and P. Bennix raised several questions about police brutality in India, the totalitarian power that police exercises, and the lack of prominent awareness being taken up by people, especially ones who stood up for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the recent George Floyd incident in the USA.

Our lives, unfolding.

i still rememberthe excitement you feltin getting to weara crisp shirtand formal pants to schoolfor the first damn eventthat you got to host. the teachers finally realisemy potential, you scoff. you ran home,flinging your bagas usualbut today with a purposea determined goalto iron your owndamn clothes. i'm going to bein-de-pen-dent, you'll see. but it only …

Tarot cards and sanity

blind are the ones who claim the end is nearwho rest their prophecies on paperweightsthey mislabel their doubts and wrap their fearsin a neat little bow-tied package called faith. every rain is a flood, and every wind The Stormno man can rest in peace without causestuck to his grave, scraped on his tombstonea meaning deeper …

Paper Flowers

do you ever think of me, making paperflowers out of dusty sheets,piercing holes for stems that hold nowater, stapling wounds onbroken skin, getting ready to rid me ofany hope i had for us, did youever once realise that paper flowers,they last so much longer? ~ Apparently continuing with my origami theme from last time hehe.I …

Origami hearts.

Can't be a poet without a little heartbreak? Watch me as I channel my lockdown depression into some! I don't know when this turned into a sad piece, but hey, as long as it's self-inflicted.