On learning how to pet a dog

Growing up, I'm a little ashamed to admit, I've always been scared of dogs. Not because I ever had any kind of negative experience with any I'd known, rather, I used to be particularly fond of one from back when I wasn't old enough to have long-lasting memories of what and who I loved. I …

The Secrets of the Night Sky.

the moon told me, that it was quite easy - to count yourself lost among all of the dazzling stars, even if you can see them scarcely. for humanly trained eyes, at the rustle-sensitive time of night, stars are but balls of dotted sidekicks - created only for chaperoning - a dependent, dutiful presence, whose …

Is it really that bad to be selfish?

"No one who wants something from life can be completely selfless. If they seem selfless, they're either

a) extremely cunning, and thus good at maintaining the façade,
b) extremely stupid, or
c) simply naïve."


"Photographs are fake" she says, as she shreds the last remaining vestige, the last remaining reminder of what apparently was, what maybe could have been, what was crafted by the shrewd excuse for a photographer that was their neighbour, who had no doubt heard the screams at nighttime and at daytime and at any waking …