life, beginnings, tenderness

Here's a raggedy beginning about raggedy beginnings and let's see where it goes this year - a thought that would normally freak me out but we've had so many freak outs this last year it's impossible to see where one ends and another starts soo h e y✨

he waited for them to speak first

when two roads diverge in a yellow woodthe fork is an amorphous metal spoona touch of heat, a stretch in each--direction is the only known destination. you pick a side, your dulcet climbthe soft intrusion of your confidencethe path is long, your vision naughtyou never really gain what you seek you pause, you wait, you …

futility of hope

a little birdie told you oncenever trust the early showersto get to really know someonedetach from the life that you call 'ours' progression = dispossessionof what you gained in the pastdiscard your first impressionsthey aren't meant to (be) last your next-door misanthroperages against all optimism you know& together with the futility of hopegives rise to …

Candle in the dark

darkness engulfs me in waves of emotion, the largestshare won by loneliness. the birthday candles are out.the cake, six feet under. celebrations, asunder. and me- I'm on the path to a throbbing self-hate. it rained thatday, as it does always rain in September, and I lit a fire.solely, if not only, for the unwashed hope …

After Gwendolyn Brook’s ‘We Real Cool’.

After Gwendolyn Brook's 'We real cool'. The original is supposed to describe a group of teenagers hanging out outside of a pool hall. It imagines these teenagers as rebels who proudly defy convention and authority—and who will likely pay for their behavior with their lives. It's quite a classic, and I've re-imagined it to have the teenagers all grown up in today's world, who after and despite all their youthful rebellion, end up working typical 9-5 jobs. They spend their lives fearing the law, cursing their fate, drinking away their frustration, but ultimately remain stuck in the same place because they refuse to do anything about it, in stark contrast their younger selves.