small talk.

We've all been there - standing in line, waiting for your turn; or sitting, unsure of whether or not to cross your legs lest you fumble while untangling them to get up. I know I have. And it almost always goes this way. There's another person here with me at the same time. It doesn't …

On learning how to pet a dog

Growing up, I'm a little ashamed to admit, I've always been scared of dogs. Not because I ever had any kind of negative experience with any I'd known, rather, I used to be particularly fond of one from back when I wasn't old enough to have long-lasting memories of what and who I loved. I …

A Study in Police Brutality and Democracy

On Friday, the IGTV video of a South India-based singer, Suchitra Karthik Kumar, went viral on social media. The custodial deaths of father-son duo of P. Jayraj and P. Bennix raised several questions about police brutality in India, the totalitarian power that police exercises, and the lack of prominent awareness being taken up by people, especially ones who stood up for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the recent George Floyd incident in the USA.

Do you REALLY mean it when you ask ‘How are you doing?’

One of the most redundant questions that anyone will ever ask you is this - 'How are you doing?'. Four simple words, understood by anyone with basic familiarity of language. Four simple words, you've probably answered several hundred, thousand, seemingly a million times, without it actually going nowhere at least 95% of it. You probably …

Is it really that bad to be selfish?

"No one who wants something from life can be completely selfless. If they seem selfless, they're either

a) extremely cunning, and thus good at maintaining the façade,
b) extremely stupid, or
c) simply naïve."