life, beginnings, tenderness

the more your lithe fingers flow
& trace pencil on smooth paper
the more the heel of your scraggly palm
smudges your already poorly planned work
jagged edges, rough outlines
all the unused information you have memorised
as a stack of sheets, does not come aligned.

your finish line may be straight as an arrow
but only you know how you zigzagged at zero
there is always a tenderness to new beginnings
the turns you take, the roughs even out at the seams
growth you know is never even, comfortable
life does not live for the tranquil terminals
you take turns at turning your jagged heels towards.


Here’s a raggedy beginning about raggedy beginnings and let’s see where it goes this year – a thought that would normally freak me out but we’ve had so many freak outs this last year it’s impossible to see where one ends and another starts soo h e y✨

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