Forever is an inaccurate concept

Taking care to sound all clever

The romantics are all philosophists

They feed us tales of error

And confound with phony gists

Such is the irony of whether

We think of how we take on twists

We swear we’d know so much better

When the temptress asks for a tryst

This fight that pops up whenever

We shall failingly try to resist

For love – a sheepish endeavor

Is a fatuous catch in our midst

Gets you caught up in a fever

That’ll be far from sorely missed

So why do we chase after a forever

When we know it doesn’t exist?


‘Forever is an inaccurate concept’ – feeling cynical & rhyme-y today. Also, I found out that a word called ‘philosophist’ exists which means one who pretends to be a philosopher, which fell perfectly with the theme of this piece.

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