It is easy to love a sunrise.

Bojack Horseman, ‘Nice While It Lasted’

it is easy to love a sunrise.
it is easy to believe in the gifts of life
in knowing and trusting the worlds of words
that we’ve been fed since birth – to love, to laugh
to care not what people think, if only we let go.
you don’t look at the rising sun and think if
only the rays rose in line, if only it were
just a little brighter, just a
little paler, just a little less freckled.
they say our pupils shrink when sad, miming
real life for when our mind feels small, and our bodies
in turn, try to make themselves smaller. now I
don’t know if eyes are the windows
to the soul – but the walls
you’ve put up are slowly building doors
and if sunsets make you believe in the power
of starting from the bottom again, why won’t you allow
yourself a reset every now and then? if time
waits for no one, for no man and never a
place, why do you wait
for the perfect imaginary moment
that you know for sure, only you can create?


Desperate attempts at getting out of a rut.
Quote from the show Bojack Horseman, ‘Nice While It Lasted’.

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