Today, I will not

today, i will not have myself do things i don’t want to do
today, i will not berate myself for doing something i did not fully think through
today, i will skip making the pro-con and grab the chance before a piece of paper makes it too late for me to
today i will not hesitate to approach someone with the problem that nags me and mocks me for being too stupid to understand
today, i will stop considering myself stupid by default
today, i will stop treating a misstep like the end of my life’s chapters, but like the beginning of my life’s lessons
today, i will not make mistakes, by allowing myself to make mistakes
today, i will not deny myself the quiet pleasure of a breather in between two tasks, without which i run the risk of tipping the scales very lightly, finally, towards insanity, everyday – which may as well be the last stop
today, i will not be witness to unceasing complaints at the back of my head, but let sunlight in to grow a garden over the floods
today, i will not label anyone putting me on a pedestal, as, well, putting me on a pedestal
today, i will not feel attacked when put on the spot
today, i will drop the accelerator on my defenses when someone tries to knock
today, i will not abide by my own laws of compliance
today, i will not hand over the penmanship of my book of self-respect to someone who isn’t even part of the title
today, i will not let myself go by trying to avoid and then being buried under the crashing boulders inscribed with what constitutes ‘to let myself go’
today, i will walk the narrow pathways of the present, ready to mistakenly step on a perfectly noticeable thorn, ready to freely fall over the edge – if that’s what it takes
today, i will not shield myself from the prejudices of the common storm
today, i will not be myself; from this moment, i will reform.

2 Replies to “Today, I will not”

  1. A point of liberation

    Finding true self and accepting completely is a beautiful feeling

    Rising from where we are and speaking about who we want to become

    Makes us stronger individuals

    Cheers to you !
    And beautifully written such simplex nature of words and thoughts.

    Liked by 2 people

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