A Study in Police Brutality and Democracy

On Friday, the IGTV video of a South India-based singer, Suchitra Karthik Kumar, went viral on social media. The custodial deaths of father-son duo of P. Jayraj and P. Bennix raised several questions about police brutality in India, the totalitarian power that police exercises, and the lack of prominent awareness being taken up by people, especially ones who stood up for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the recent George Floyd incident in the USA.

Click here to read the full article.


4 Replies to “A Study in Police Brutality and Democracy”

      1. That’s funny, the article you have shared from the Hindu dates 27th June does corroborate your numbers.
        However, the article I shared from Hindu dated 30th June mentions that 1700+ deaths occurred in a the period from 2001-18.
        Not to be biased, but 1700 in a year sounds unreal.
        Anyways, numbers don’t matter, even 1 custodial death is a grave issue that needs immediate attention.
        Apologies if my comments offended you in any way.
        Keep writing.


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