Things to do in quarantine/lockdown.

scrub the layer of jealousy
that seeps out of your skin
with soap and soft water
for thirty seconds.

sterilise the resentment
that threatens to blister
the outer layer of your skin
– your first line of defense.

mask the bitter flavour
of words that escape your
unruly lips and paint them
with empathy, instead.

sweep the corner curtained
by tears of your anxiety
beat the dust off all of your
insecurities unsightly.

dab disinfectant on the cracks where
another’s words have stung
permit no open wounds to absorb
the stings of slipping tongues.


Here’s a short poem I wrote somewhere at the beginning of the lockdown and thought it was wayy below ‘good enough’ to put up, but now I don’t care what I think of myself. That’s progress in some dictionary, right?

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