Everything is replaceable, until

Everything, is replaceable
materialistic trends – revocable
Everybody, is temporary
humanly bonds – unnecessary

Everything is replaceable until
you equate it with forgettable.

A thing of the past
is a thing of the past
because it exists, buried
struggling, yet unyielding.

A thing of the present
is a thing of the present
being layered on the graves
of the forgiving, faithful history.


Everything and everyone is temporary – nothing lasts forever – change is the only constant. All of these are true. However, we often forget when a new experience – joyful or otherwise – takes place in our lives, we must not forget the events leading up to it. Our past joys bring us hope, and past sorrows bring us lessons. The past exists only in our present memory, and the present exists right on top of our past. They cannot exist without each other, and we must not forget that.

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