Digging – a Rispetto. (NaPoWriMo #28)

living all my life plowing through the earth
i decided to make myself satisfied
fight over flight and make it for what it’s worth
to put away all of life’s problems aside.

i felt the past was maybe worth searching
went on to set my fingernails besmirching
clawing into my past in dirt-caked glory
all that came up, was damning allegory.


digging – a rispetto.
[day 28 of #NaPoWriMo aahh]

Today, I tried writing a rispetto poem (read: another way to trick my mind into writing shorter poetry). I also challenged myself to write a poem within fifteen minutes, because I couldn’t work up the inspiration to write it, so maybe not the most refined work of mine.
“Rispetto is a short poetic form of Italian origin comprising 11 syllables per line. It has 8 lines. Rispetto uses the ababccdd rhyme scheme. However, you can apply other variations of the rhyme scheme.”

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