dreams. (NaPoWriMo #25)

they say your dreams help break out
the prisoners your mind struggles to cage
i remember few dreams of mine that escaped
my unconscious grasp unhinged, disengaged.

i’ve always found it to be quite strange
that i’ve never fallen asleep in my dreams
and that all of them feel eerily like
a silent movie with comical themes.

and how, when we’re all sound asleep
we’re at mercy of much stranger things
are these simply tricks by our minds
from whose dainty root adventures spring?

wakeful dreams seldom have the power
your unconscious mind wields over you
how it animates your silenced thoughts
cashing in on emotional revenue.

we try our best to give these nightly visits
as much meaning as they can seem
it was with this mindset that i failed to see
that life is but an empty dream.


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