Are any of our thoughts really original?

World population = 7.8 billion (approx., as of this day)

Simple probability of you having an absolutely unique opinion about something = 1/7.8bn

(i.e. a very very VERY tiny chance)

Do you believe in so-and-so?

I was asked for my opinion

I replied, yes or no

And went on to assert my dominion.


Then they pressed on

Justify your stance

I strung together lines

Which made sense by chance.


They argued, I countered

We had a fairly healthy discourse

Bouncing ideas off each other

We took pride in our skills, of course.


But, for what it’s worth

Was my opinion really my own?

Was it not influenced by everything?

That I could never have known.


So what was the possibility

That this combination of words

Was used never before

Spoken, written, thought or slurred?

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