since feeling is first

(title credits: E. E. Cummings)

since feeling is first

and articulating, second

the latter is actions for some, I reckon


so how do you know the difference

between truth and lies

when there’s a layer of guilt

probably buried inside?


and who’s to say the conscience

between is reckless or cautious?


does it let go of things, say “Please-no, you first”

while anger seethes in, waiting to disperse?


feeling’s a whole ride:

an uninvited guest, an over-stayer of welcome

wraps you in a lazy, uncomfortable shelter

not bodily dealt with, not possibly dealt with

why then, the feelings card, have we been indebted with?


since feeling is first

believing must hurt

but what are we if not

a collective set of believers,

and a collective set of feelers,

a collective set of healers.



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