of muse and musings

I could not express my feelings, so I

borrowed some of yours, “Would you mind

terribly?” Ah, I see a lucidity, a free flow

in thoughts, your vocabulary is rows and rows

of mystified repetitions-quite like mine, but unlike

how one manages to fold all their clothes one day

and disturb arrangement the next, owing to definite indecisiveness;

you have been good at lining neat little columns

of words, a separate section for brighter thoughts, a cluster for

the tabs your mind opens when you wander off in class, staring

at an unsuspecting object that inevitably

invites others to find it quite amusing; and my musings,

taking different forms: a combination of colour, shape, mood and object, or rather,

little pieces that join sneakily and lead invariably to the only one thing that matters-


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