Who am I?

​I am not a remarkable person

I am not the kind of person who leaves a lasting impression

I am not the kind of person you’ll remember after meeting once

I am not the kind of person you would remember fondly, for that time we fleetingly met and just *clicked*

I am not a remarkable person

I don’t win at everything, I barely finish at above average

I do things differently, but I am camouflaged by my innocuous indifference in difference

I don’t even try my best sometimes-I need competition, but not too much

I am quirky to the ones who know me, but they’ve probably gone through a lot to even touch that threshold of mine

I am somebody in everybody’s nobody

I exist and I show up and I get camouflaged and I disappear

I live and I participate and I speak up and no one hears

I voice my opinion sometimes, I try to keep my opinions for the more pressing issues, for issues I am genuinely concerned about, and I get talked over because I don’t have an opinion on “everything”

I try to fight and I try to reason and I try to get accepted, but my voice is too low


I write and I weave logic (or maybe something else) through my words and

and I am powerful

I am a written worded person, for me, my written platform is the throne I sit upon to ever be taken seriously

You will remember this, 

somebody will

Like somebody might remember me as a person maybe

But which mortal wants to be remembered by another mortal

When they can be immortalised in immortal sheets, in immortal wreaths of alphabets and words and dancing phrases

that don’t betray you for any of the rushes of man

I am a remarkable person

As remarkable as a pencil writing is

or as remarkable as the previous or even this awful pun can be

I’m a somebody in this world of nobody’s everybody

And I will be remembered fondly.

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